Why do Oxitec mosquitoes contain a colour marker?

All Oxitec insects and their offspring contain a fluorescent protein that can be seen using a special light. In OX513A this can be seen at the larval stage.  The colour marker is an important part of our approach. Through this system we can collect larvae from the area of release and see how many are Oxitec mosquitoes and how many are wild pest mosquitoes. Using this colour marker we can adjust the number of OX513A we need to release and we can monitor how effective they are at mating. We can therefore increase or decrease the required releases of OX513A males in order to reduce the overall population of wild Aedes aegypti.  If any of the offspring survive in the outdoor environment, which is unlikely, we can detect them.

We believe it is very important to maintain control of one’s product. With the colour marker we can detect our product in the field and monitor its effect closely and offer mosquito control agencies the most cost effective release programme to control pests.